Thursday, January 17, 2013

Want books? Get books.

I can't believe after all this time, I have forgotten to introduce you all to one of the BEST websites in the world!!!!

*slaps hand on forehead* is one of my favorite websites, ever. Because it is all about me, getting books. For free.

No joke.

No catch.

No problem.

Basically, it is one big swapfest. What you do is go onto the site and set up an account {which is free and painless}. Then, "post" books that you own that you don't want, care for, or need. {Yes, even I do have books that I don't like or want.}

To post books, you can go under the "Post books" tab on the sidebar, look up the book directly in the search box, or type in the isbn. When you find the book you own, click on the blue button that says "Post this book" beside it. If it says "Order this book" already, it means it is in the system and you can click on the book, go to "More options" and then click on "Post this book". It is actually very simple... :D

If you post ten books when you sign up, they will automatically give you two credits to search all the shelves and find books that you want. If you find one you want, check and see if the box beside it says "Order this book" or "Post this book". If it says "Order this book" click on the button and follow the instructions. There, you got a book for free. If it says "Post this book" you can add it to your wish list and as soon as it is available they will send you an email notifying you that it is now on the site. It is a first come, first serve basis, but they will hold a book for you for 48 hours. Then it is available to all PBS members.

When a book is requested from you, all you have to do is print out the address to the person who asked for it and send it off in the mail {usually about $3}. That is all the cost you will ever have. Once the person who asked for the book gets it, they will mark it as received and you will get another credit to find more books with. {Make sure to mark books YOU get as received too.}

And there you have the exchange. There is a lot more to the site too. You can write reviews, add shelves, put books on your books I read shelf, and more.

I don't do much of that...mostly just trade books. This month alone I have received 5 or more books and sent out as many. It is fast, simple, and cheap.

So, the books are "free", but it costs you the shipping of a book you have sent out to get a credit. All in all, you end up getting your books for an average of $3 or $4. So I guess it's not really free. It just sounds nice, lol! And it is super cheap. And I have gotten some old classics and brand new paperbacks on the site...books that are normally $15 or more!!!!!

They also offer hardbacks, audiobooks, and more. Every book on the site will tell you what it is, paperback, hardback, audiobook... They have a cd and movie site too {you can find it on the main page}, but I haven't gotten into those cause I don't have spare movies lying around, lol!

So go check it out! And let me know if you sign up so you can become my friend!!!

It is worth it. 100%.


  1. Haha, paperback swap is a favorite in my house.

  2. I love - thanks to you! Since you got me hooked on it, I don't know how many books Ive mailed and received, but it's been a lot. A whole lot. My wish list is rather out of control, too... it's recently hit an all-time low at around 165. *shakes head* Eh, it keeps me out of trouble. : )

    1. Oh, so is mine!!! LOL! Yeah, definitely does that. :D

  3. Wow. I wish Australia did stuff like this. This would cost megabucks for me! I hit the opshops if I want to find old books...but as for the newbies? I have to ask the library to buy them if I can't afford to. I once heard of a site called "Booksneeze".
    It's for bloggers and you get new books for free if you review them on your blog! It's not open outside of USA though. (So I still miss out!)

    1. I'm sure they do somewhere. Paperbackswap IS international, but I guess shipping would be a pretty penny, eh? Yeah, I'm signed up with booksneeze, but they have too many bloggers at the moment so I'm on the list for coming in...someday. LOL!

  4. ~say, do they have this at Malaysia? I`d be interesting if I could trade books my way and get new ones, I have tons lying around everywhere!

  5. Yeah, paperbackswap is open internationally. Just click on the link and see how it will work out for you! It's great for getting rid of those extra books!