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Welcome, fellow writers:

Every writer wants to find that place where they can connect, give their opinions, glean some knowledge, and share the quirks, aspirations, and dreams of the true writer.

Here are a few places that I found found both useful, amusing, and expanding to my writing career.



Go Teen Writers is a blog that centers, as its title says, around the teen writer. But it does not stop there. It gives wholesome advice, grammar help, tips on writing, publishing, challenges and contests, and a variety of other useful ideas on the whole for a writer who really is looking to advance their style and options. It is also a great place to connect with a group of other writers, ask questions, get answers, and fill in the blanks of your writing life.
Hilarious. Epic. The blog of a girl journeying the path of self publishing. And doing a fantastic job, I might add. Her first novel is debuting December 14th, titled Haphazardly Plausible. Catchy, eh? Because the story is sure to be more so.

Notebook Sisters: the blog of Cait and Mime, residents of a beloved Aussie, up and rising novelists, both with books on the way, plenty of crazy, adorable snippets to browse, incredible advice to offer, and best of all, my personal friends. You can ignore your caution about browsing this blog, because it will be one of the best ones you visit, from their honest, point to fact reviews on books and movies, their awesome humor (ah, they would say humour), and, of course, learning about Australia!

Write on Edge is a blog that hosts several linkups with great prompts to get your writing out there. They also offer excellent advice and creative ideas for your novels.


I am new to this site myself, but already have found it useful to my writing. K.M. Weiland has several published books and offers excellent advice and tips to fellow writers. I definitely recommend her site to any writer wanting to take that next step and become an author.

Blog of author Mary Ruth Pursselley. Mary has had several short pieces published, but her most recent work is in the anthology Avenir Eclectia, a book about a fantasy world written by several authors. Mary's personality, combined with a great writing style, makes her blog fun to read and practical of application. She shares great tips and stories from her life as a writer, rising up through the ranks, and of the different quirks and problems writers deal with.


Plug in:

Check out all of these blogs and let me know if you found them useful! If you have other writing blogs that you have found and think are great, don't hesitate to drop me a line and tell me about them. I would love to visit them, check out their resources, and add them to this page. Thanks for taking a look and enjoy the blogs!

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