Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Once Upon a Time... linkup: What If?

It's that time a week again!!! This is the tenth week for the linkup! Woot!!!

I'd like to draw your attention to a new change, as well. From now on, the link is going to be open Wednesday's and Thursday's. Because people have joined the blog from all over the globe, it made it easier for everyone to be able to linkup, since times and dates are off for us all.

So, today's prompt is: what if?

This excerpt is from In the Shadow, book #1 in The Endless Fire Trilogy.

The setting:
the dark of night
internal struggle
a broken past

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Word count: 264
Ó Pure Grace

Merrie rolled over, sweat trickling down her back. Fear wormed its way into her belly. For the first time, Merrie wondered if she would ever gain back her trust. What did she really want anyway? To be free? Or to be loved? Did it matter anymore? What if it didn’t? She was afraid her life was undone. There would be no going back, just as there was no returning to Judea. But just what did that mean?
She wasn’t prepared to think about it.
The hours drew on. Merrie’s breathing was heavy and every muscle knotted. Her eyes felt heavy and a blanket descended upon her mind, foggy. Her head spun, circling over her thoughts like a hungry vulture. Tingling grew in her left arm and she realized it was falling asleep. She rolled over and flexed her hand to loosen the muscles. Eyes pried open, dry and thick, she stared at the dark door where Julia would come.
Merrie woke with a start, panting hard and sweat dripping off her face. Her dreams lingered in the air, dark and eerie. Her father had stood before her, his arms reaching out to her, his mouth open, as if he were trying to form words of comfort and hope, but he could not. Tears had run down his face, palms open to her, his face broken and shoulders weighed down. Because he could not save her. She lay still, choking back the tears that burned the in her throat, when she heard the noise. At once, every muscle in her body tensed. It was time.

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  1. Yay! Excellent idea to leave the link open longer. I was considering asking you if you would...thankyou! :)

    Your prose is very detailed in that comment and you sure make use of sensory language. What if. Killer question! :) I'm not sure what Merrie is waiting for, though, so it's a tiny, tiny bit confusing -- but still very poetic writing!

    1. I'm glad that makes it easier for you!

      Haha...thanks! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Charley!!! Hey, I want to read some of YOUR writing.

  3. I adore your writing. You need to hurry and publish a book so I can dash out and buy it and have a whole book with your writing in it.

    Also, I linked this time!!! I finally made it on time. Very excited, I shall have to put mine up soon. Like, tomorrow...

    1. Eeee!!! You can't know how that encourages me!!! I'm trying. Finished chapter 15 last night! {Out of 24, so I'm close!}

      Hurray!!!! That makes me really happy. ;) Can't wait to go read it!!!!!!!