Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Once Upon a Time... linkup: A Faceoff

Today is my 12th linkup!!! It is kind of strange to think about! I'm glad I decided to start doing this though. It is so much fun.

I rather like this snippet. It comes from In the Shadow, during a very important scene.
The setting:
a disobeidient slave
fear and hatred
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Word count: 291
Ó Pure Grace

Her smile was brash as he stopped in front of her.
“Ionez,” he said. “What are you doing?”
Ionez grinned innocently. “I came to see if my beloved mistress would care to view the gift her brother bought her.” Since he had caught her, Ionez decided to get as much pleasure out of taunting him as she could.
“And what did she think?” Marcellus’s response caught her off-guard.
Her eyes swerved to the passage behind him. “She was speechless.”
“Good,” he smiled.
“Oh, it was not from pleasure,” Ionez snapped. “She was disgusted.”
“I’m sorry she did not appreciate your beauty. How can I compensate?”
Ionez sputtered with rage. Would things always go wrong with Marcellus? How did he manage to twist her words and make her feel ridiculous? She was supposed to be making him furious, for being there, for mocking him. Instead, he seemed to enjoy listening to her and goaded her on.
“There is no need. I told her exactly what I thought of her ugly face too.”
“I am sure you did,” Marcellus chuckled. “And now are you returning to Brixia?”
Ionez folded her arms. “Is that where you want me?”
“It is where you belong.”
“I belong in Britannica.”
“Nay, you used to belong in Britannica. Now you belong here, in my house.”
“I will never belong here.”
“Perhaps. For now, we would be obliged if you would at least pretend you did."
Ionez was taken aback. He freely admitted she was unhappy here? And he did nothing about it! Anger constricted her throat and she took a step toward him. “I would chop every finger and toe from your body before I would surrender to that!”
“Thank you. Maybe I can do you a favor sometime.”

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  1. Sparky, sparky dear Ionez. She's going to get herself in serious trouble someday... ;) Oh and I really like Marcellus. He's awesome.

    1. can read the future. ;)
      Me too!!

  2. Hehehe, poor Ionez! This Marcellus sounds interesting . . . and more than a little sneaky. I like it!

    1. Great! Mmmmmmmmm... you catch on fast. :D