Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Once Upon a Time... linkup: Trust

And the linkup is back!!! Not that it was sorely missed by anyone but me, but I do enjoy doing it. There are days when I wonder if this will ever amount to much. But you know, every big company started with a little thing {not that I’m a company. Or a thing. But I’m little and aiming for big…oh, you know, just scratch the analogy}.

Here, this says it better.

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So today’s linkup is: trust.

And an introduction.

We all like starting new projects. Me, probably a bit too much. So when Brisa prompted me to start take her up on a small story idea she had…who was I to refuse? Little did I know a small sentence would forge into a massive novel in three minutes. One moment I was humoring a little sister because I love her. The next I was professional writer jerking out my laptop to write down as much as I could before I forgot it. Let’s just say I have a brilliant sister.

Now would be a good time to say that Brisa is my writer’s support group at home. She has read everything I have ever written on the computer, be it blog posts, silly little letters, or my 1200+ page Trilogy. And she has influenced and brought in a great many ideas.

But she’s never sparked a book like this before. She is the first to admit she is not a writer. In fact, she doesn’t want to be. But she loves reading. And she loves watching me write and offering advice. She likes it when I change things because she thought they would be better different. One day, I am going to hire her as a professional editor and pay her. And, no matter where I go, she will always be one of the first to read my books. She will always be one of the first I take advice from. 

So it was a thrill when I discovered she has a talent from introducing great beginning plotlines. I have a thing for the small, intricate life patterns within books. I can create a raw emotion in a character for someone…or even something. Yet there are times when I find giant holes in my overall themes. Or find no themes at all. It’s just trailing emotion after emotion. And while emotion is good, direction is better.

And I found direction Monday.



Suspense Fantasy

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a room of unequal beauty
ancient legend unearthed
father and son

Word count: 228
Ó Pure Grace

Xave’s pudgy face grew red with excitement or frustration, Shade couldn’t tell. “The Asteroid of legend! One of the flaming orbs which fell from the sky. It is filled with mineral and leaks into the earth the richness it craves and tempers the atmosphere to produce consistent weather patterns to nourish the ground. Serja is hiding one.”
Shade snorted. “Hogwash. Nothing but fairytales. Your spy’s are lying to you.”
“My spy’s are stupid. But they are not liars. They cannot find the Asteroid. But I do not want them to.”
“You want me to.”
Xave took another mouthful of wine. “No.”
“Am I mistaken then in thinking you want to bring it to Ols?”
“Again, no. I want it. Very much. But I want assurances it will come to me when it is found.”
“And you think you do not have this assurance in me? I am touched, father, by your trust in me.”
Xave looked at him evenly. “Should I?”
“I am your son,” Shade scoffed.
“And a great many other things too. Conqueror of Callion at the moment.”
Shade shoved back his bristling anger and demanded. “Who. Who do you mean to send?”
“Kaden?” Shade’s face furrowed. Who in all Ols was Kaden?
“Yes, Kaden, son of Chieftain Litho, of Callion. And you are going with him.”
“Dragon’s fire,” Shade swore, dropping back a step.

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  1. Ack! I wish I'd done your link up this week! Are you doing it next week? (I'll hang out for it if that's the case.)

    And, I'm a big fan of Asteroid. Just sayin'. ;) Go Brisa! You two spark awesome ideas.

    1. Can't you do it still? The link will be up for another 15 hours! Does it shut down for you cause YOU are already on Thursday? I can open it up for MY Thursday if that means you can do it then!!! I want you to be able to!!! :D But yeah, I'm trying to go back to weekly. And I'm going to start giving the linkup prompt on another day so people can be ready for it too. Maybe at the end of each previous linkup? I'm not sure yet. We'll see. :D
      Thanks! I'm rather fond of it myself... :D

    2. Oh, it's just we only have room for joining in 1 link up (on our tight OCD bloggy schedule. Yeah. No comment). But next week, I'm doing YOURS. But the prompt in advance would be awesome. My devious mind could plot... bwahaha. ;)

    3. Haha!! Ok, sounds good!!!! :D

  2. Your linkie thing isn't appearing for me - which is a pain. Not that i have anything to take an extract from right now *sigh*

    1. It's only open on Wednesdays, but I am thinking of doing it longer, just because it's awkward making international people HAVE to get on my Wednesday.... So, thinking of making it two or three days.

  3. Linkups are fun. It's fun to read other people's snippets. :) I did yours, but I forgot to add it to the linky thing. :D

    1. Yay!!! I'm going to open it up till Friday so you can link it up!!! How fun!