Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Guest Post by Nobody

Yeah, so, I totally didn't plan for this week at all and had no one on the list to write this guest post. I'm such a splendid organizer...

So, here I am, scrambling out some sort of post by which I can make amends. Nobody is{n't} perfect. {Pun he...and I'm bad at making puns.} But at least this is something.

I have been reading a storm of books this last month. I've probably finished ten or eleven novels. Several of them were excellent. Several were mediocre. One of the ones I picked up was Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. Not the children's Disney makeover, but the real classic Peter Pan. It is fantastic.

It is still a children's story {obviously}, but it is so cute. I love the narrating style and laughable moments. Of course, I am still a child at heart, so what can I say?

I have been editing my own novel In the Shadow to within and inch of my life. Someday I'll get it there....someday....

I had this ridiculous notion when I began this blog for it to be some sort of professional site with Q & A format, exact purposes, specific guidelines and picture-perfect posts. So I've given up that dream {or nightmare} because I realized that is not what I want. I want my writing to be more than that. Up front and personal. Meaningful. Useful. Not a dry, thick-worded mass through which you have to wade just to discover something interesting. {How was that for absolutely boring...}

I don't do boring. It's not my thing. Never been bored an hour in my life. I don't plan on making you bored either.

Oh, and a reminder to you all. The giveaway ends in a few days. Here are the rules and the prize!!

Rules to enter:

1: must be a member of Stories in the Mind
2: loves to read!!! :)
3: comment on the blog in one post other than this one
4: tell me what your favorite book is and why! {if you have done this, feel free to skip it and I will add you in for the 4th tag anyway, just let me know you have completed it}
5: give me one reason why I should pick you. JK!! share the giveaway on your blog and send me the link

The giveaway is open internationally.

Take the next step in your writing career.

And yes, I realize this was supposed to be up....yesterday. My Internet shut off before I could post it. Technical difficulties. Don't we all love them.

I will try to get the Once Upon a Time... linkup up today. I am having troubles getting this all done. If I don't, it WILL go up tomorrow. The prompt will be: a faceoff.

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  1. Ah-ha! I see your funky Pinterest button. Well done! You conquered! And a nice post. I like reading posts with a personal twist rather then a professional one too. ;) Keep up the good work!