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The Last Scribe:
fantasy novel
currently 60,954 words

For nineteen years, Breem lived in a small hamlet edging the Wild Ranges of Messeran. There was nothing that made him suspect his identity was anything other than an orphan taken in by his aunt. Until Zealeth, Scribe of Faragwon, came...and changed everything.
Now he is bound to a scroll, commanded to keep his true name hidden, and find the lost king. He must set out on a dangerous journey, wrought with his own fear, confusion, and inadequacy, to regain a stolen key, while desperate to hear the words of the silent Unseen.
"And now I am alone. The only scribe. The last scribe."

In the Shadow,
Night Will Fall,
Till Dawn Comes: The Endless Fire Trilogy.
historical fiction
completed/under editing 351,500 words

Ionez means to escape.
Rome is a place filled with dangerous espionage, mysterious revelations, and unforeseen answers. Wild and spirited Ionez was torn from the untamed highlands of Ancient Britannica and flung into its middle after a ruthless capture. She wants but two things. Freedom. And revenge on the man who destroyed every hope for happiness she had.
"You cannot keep me. I will fight to the very end."

Merrie just wants safety. Though she has lived in slavery for seven years, she loves her home and the life she lives. Both are endangered by one act of treachery that threatens to seal her fate for good.
 With everything tumbling around her ears, Merrie has one choice. By putting her life in jeopardy, she might be able to save it.
But can she do it?
"Why did everything have to change?"

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Suspense Fantasy
currently 3861 words

Kaden has just one chance. This one chance to save his family. And he doesn’t even know if he will come out of it alive. After the Ols's took over his homeland, he didn't think things could ever change. But the Lord of Ols is a desperate man. He wants but one thing: total power. And he knows how he can get it. In exchange for Kaden's family, he will send Kaden in search of the legend...the legend of the Asteroid. {Blurp in progress.}

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