Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Mission

This is the day. 

The day that half the world celebrates Christ’s birth.

The day the other half passes out presents and hopes for some in return.

And it is the day I have decided to share my mission. For my life. For my books. For this blog. Because it is fitting.

Jesus Christ.

He came to earth to save mankind from our wrongs. Every little sin. So that we may go and live with him, our perfect God, for an eternity. He died on a cross, beaten, broken, with the weight of the world’s sin on his shoulders, because he loved us, and because we had done him wrong, and because he wanted to bring us back into his grace. And then he rose again on the third day and conquered the death that was required to destroy sin.

And any man that will believe in him and will repent of his sin will be saved.

This, this, is my God.
It is he who has called me.
It is he who put this desire to write in me.

And it is he who directs my path.

I didn’t start writing. I have just, well, always written.

My very first stories I wrote when I was four or five. I cut little bitty pieces of paper up and taped them together to make them open and close.

My first book was when I was nine.

But there was a day that everything fell into place and I knew that I was to be a writer. It is a long story. But it is not one I can refute. And it is not one of my making. God wrote it out. He made me who I am.

And what would I be if I did not try to bring him glory in the purpose that he has given me.

I am a writer. I will always write. But I won’t just write good stories. I am writing to glorify my Savior, to show the world his goodness, his meaning and purpose and plan. I am writing to share the love of Jesus Christ.

This is my mission.

This is my life. 


  1. Lovely post! God did us a wonderful favour by giving us the urge to write, eh?

    And spreading love is always fun. Especially when advocated by celestial beings of unequivocal power.


    1. Haha!!! Yes! Or should I say, amen? LOL!!!!

      I am so thankful to be given the ability to write! It is my life... {duh}

      Thanks! Hope you had a very, merry Christmas!!!