Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time... linkup: Danger

We all have a weakness. It may not be apparent, but it is there, hidden somewhere in your heart. And sometimes, we have to struggle to keep it there, where no one can find it...or use it.

Danger is a key element for bringing out those weaknesses, whether that weakness be fear, cowardice, a lack of common sense, even the ability to wield a sword or shoot a gun straight.

And sometimes, danger brings out the best in you. It challenges, inspires, and sharpens.

So, this week's prompt is: danger.

As I did once before, I am going to add several smaller sections for this linkup.

All snippets from In the Shadow, books #1 in The Endless Fire Trilogy.

Word count: 75
Ó Pure Grace

The setting:
Ancient Rome
a loss of love...and safety
a threat

Merrie closed her eyes. She was sick of it. All the intrigue. The deception. The danger. The uncertainty. Everything was spiraling out of control. Fear throbbed inside her. She knew how perilous Baculaius’s words were. They were not idly spoken. Was she the only one who knew what he was capable of? Surely not! She didn’t want to be involved. She just wanted to be safe. Was that something she would only gain in dreams?

Word count: 72
Ó Pure Grace

The setting:
Ancient Rome

Ionez opened her eyes. She stared at him full in the face, not even blinking. Never had she seen such danger play in his eyes. Yet, somehow, she felt no fear. Nothing but the deepest, blackest hatred lived in her.
Abruptly, she turned and fled the courtyard, half stumbling, blind with hatred and despair. Nothing could have made her stay. Only one thought consumed her, body and soul.
I will kill him.

Word count: 160
Ó Pure Grace

The setting:
Ancient Rome
a plot thickens
best friends spit


“Marcellus, I will not lift a finger against Nero.”
“You are a fool!”
“You are in danger.”
Marcellus suddenly drew back. “From you?”
“Nay,” Nestor shook his head. “You know I would never harm you. If I can have such thoughts about Nero, then could I threaten you? But you are in jeopardy if others find out, others who do not agree with you.”
“Who here really wants Emperor Nero to remain on his unsteady throne?”
“There are those.”
“Who! Name them to me!”
“Senator Antistius, for one. And Ofonius Tigellinus, along with his other favorites. They are in power. What more could they desire?”
“Tigellinus!” Marcellus spat the word out like a curse. “He has thwarted me long enough. When the day comes, he will regret his favor!”
“And you will become like Nero.”
Marcellus jerked back, overwhelmed. “You speak unwisely, my friend.”
Nestor met his flint-black eyes and backed up a step, giving a small bow. “My apologies.”

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  1. Oh my. Talk about an electric post!! I'd have to pick the first as my utter favourite (but the others were cool too). And, honestly, I loved your intro! :) Very well worded and written.

    1. Haha!!! Thanks! Oooh, you liked that one? Good! I like the middle one most, but just cause I know where it fits in the story... :D

  2. I love your snippets. You really are a very good author. You have such an engaging style which draws the reader right in.

    1. Awesome! Aw, you encourage me so much! Thanks!

  3. Charley likes these extracts muchly, oh yes she does! *grins*