Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Chance: Giveaway!!!

Today is the last day.

Of 2012.

And to enter the Stories in the Mind giveaway!!!!

The prize is a Mad Hatter necklace I created.

Rules to enter:

1: must be a member of Stories in the Mind
2: loves to read!!! :)
3: comment on the blog in one post other than this one
4: tell me what your favorite book is and why!
5: give me one reason why I should pick you. JK!! share the giveaway on your blog and send me the link

The giveaway is open internationally.

Tomorrow I will announce the winner!!! At this moment, it is looking likely to be Cait, Mime or Charley!!! {Excited, gals!!!??}

Have a happy, happy new years.


  1. *gasp* I meant to enter this but forgot! Glad you reposted it!

    1. check.
    2. check!
    3. check. :-D
    4. Caitria Karis Cymbaluk!!!! You of all people should know that it is impossible to have just ONE favorite book!!!! I say that that is an unfair requirement! Although, for your sake I will say Agatha Christie's Poirot's Christmas is very high on my list. Or possibly Little Women, or Rilla of Ingelsise, or The Coral Island. :-D take your pick!
    5. check!

    On a side note... Do you know of a place where I could get a little count down of books I have read in 2013? I want one that is preferably 100 books.

    1. Haha.... I know, I know. But for the sake of argument, I couldn't tell people to give me there top 100 favorites. LOL!!!! :D

      Sure do!!! I can help you get one next Friday. You mean the little widget that can be on your blog sidebar, right? Like the one Lydia had this year?

      And now you have all five names in the bucket!!! Hurrah! This is going to be fun... And scary. I hope I don't make any enemies.... :D But I will do more giveaways this next year.

    2. LOL! Yeah, basically the one from Lidia's.... It is funny the way little things change... Like me helping you set up your new blog, than you helping me change my older blog! :-D I love that we can help each other!! <3 Can't wait to see you Friday!!! <3 <3

    3. Ok, yeah, I can get that for you. LOL, I know! It is funny! But I suppose I've grown a bit in the world of cyber-space. Rather a lot. I think I can make my way around pretty good now. I like that, lol! And I'm glad to get to help you too!!!!! Sounds like a plan to me! :D <3

  2. Pick me! Oh, pick me! (I've been good...semi good, anyway.) Definitely excited. Of course!

    But...I have to's already 2013 for us! :D (We beat It's looking to be a nice year. See ya, when you catch up. xD

    1. LOL!!! Now, Cait, you know it's not right of me to pick favorites.... but it will be fun to see who ends up with this!!!

      Hey, no fair! But, if it looks like it will be a good year for you, hopefully it will be the same for me. It would be sad if my year turned out back because I was a little late... :D {jk} *_*

  3. got it! :D I'm so glad you reminded me! lol. <3 Check to the whole list.
    Favorite Little Women. I adore that book. I've read it over and over and over again. Why? BECAUSE IT'S FABULOUS! lol. :D <3
    Happy New Year, Cait! <3

    1. Oh, good! Hurray! Yes, that is a fun book. I've read it two or three times. I love Eight Cousins, Rose in Bloom, and The Inheritance by Lousia May Alcott best though!!!! They are so much fun!!!

      Happy New Year to you too!!!!!!!! Have a GREAT, GREAT day!