Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guest Post by poet Hananiah Bechard

This week I am posting a poem by a friend of mine. It is a work in progress, raw and uncompleted.

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Who am I?
Am I a lost and lonely sailor in the ocean
Who's lost his crew; his men; his comrades, to the ravishing sea, who's lost his sweet lover back at the place of which I call home
Can I go home? Do I have a home?
Will they know me anymore? Will they recognize this saltwater beaten face?
I am but a man, searching, longing; but for what you ask, only God knows.
For the searcher knows not what he searches.
The explorer not what he explores, until he discovers.
But is that enough? Will what he discovers satisfy him? Quench his thirst for discovery?
Will he return to the peace of his loyal land, for he has found the one thing? I dare say not.
For what if? Dangerous question that is....
What if there's more to be explored, to be discovered?
He will be posting the finished poem at his new blog The Captain's Life. Drop by and say hello!
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