Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Once Upon a Time... linkup: Questions

It's time! For the weekly Once Upon a Time... linkup!

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So, this week's prompt is: questions.

This should be a fun one, because any number of situations can come from questions. Mix-ups, anger, confusion, explanations....

My excerpt comes from The Last Scribe again.

The setting:
The edge of the vast Woodland of Eradrea.
A knight, a girl, and Breem.
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Word count: 202
Ó Pure Grace

Mikailah jerks back, her face blank with surprise. “Why? What is it?”
“We should travel only at night?” I swallow my air, trying to reason with my mind, make myself reasonable, speak what I am thinking.
“Why?” Kiar demands. “We are three nobody travelers. The warriors of Sargon concern themselves with rich.”
That isn’t true. That we are nobody’s. And he knows it. But it also isn’t true the Sargonian warriors only attack rich men. They kill anyone. Anyone. But I can’t tell them how I know. Not without answering a million questions, questions I don’t want them to ask, questions I don’t want to think about, things I don’t want to remember.
“Why Breem?”
I shrug. “It will be safer.”
“But it’s faster to travel in daylight.” Kiar is already stepping out onto the slope, Mikailah at his heels. “And the faster we get into Messeran, the faster we can get an escort to find Mytharal.”
I can’t stop them. I can’t leave them. I glance behind me, into the refuge of the Woodland, where TerRors and fire-breathing alligators make their home, and think of how safe it was. How easy it was to hide. To get away. I felt…protected.

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  1. Oo questions! That is an awesome prompt! I'm not sure if I'll be linking up this week...but next week for sure.

    What I really love about Breem is his interior monologue. He doesn't say what he's thinking. But we (the readers) hear it and then he simply says: "It will be safer." And everyone else has no clue why! Brilliant. :)

  2. What an awesome extract! I want to know what happened to Breem now, although I have sneaking suspicions . . .

    Fab stuff!