Thursday, February 28, 2013

So I have come to a conclusion...

Stories in the Mind is rather boring right now.

Trust me, it is painful to admit the truth, but it is a very evident one. There is absolutely nothing that sets it apart and makes it unique and cool. Just drab.


So I put the dilemma forth to you, my dear readers. What is it missing? Besides more posts from me, eh? I had so much inspiration when I started it, so much planned for it. And I still do…but I lack the motivation to get it done. {blah, THAT would be the issue, wouldn’t it…}

I think part of the problem may be that I’m doing less writing and more editing on my novels right now, so I am feeling burnt out for fresh ideas. I need a spark, something to explode in my face and dazzle me with its brilliance. {Assuming I don’t get freaked out and run away before it can shout out how wonderful it really is.}

I have a very distracted mind. Had I gone to school {rather than be homeschooled} I’m pretty certain I would have been diagnosed with ADHD. Well, at least the hyper part. I am wildly active and it is sidetracking. It keeps me from getting things done because I am always up and down and over here and over there…in my head just as much as in my body.

I’ve got it! I’m going to start sharing more of my adventures with you! Oh wait… I don’t have any adventures.

Well, that is a lie. I actually do. But they are mostly domestic and are narrated in full detail at My Unicorn Has Wings. I do have some writerly adventures though, so I think I will begin by sharing more of those.

So what are your thoughts?


  1. Boring? You? Pft...please. I enjoy BOTH your blogs (and when you occasionally pop on TWiG), and I love your pictures and adventures just as much as your thoughts on writing and words. Though, as they say, a change is as good as a holiday. :) Maybe consider finding a challenge to do on your blog? Celebrate something! Start discussions! ideas are lame. I'll get back to you... :P

    1. You are so kind! But now, your idea's are good! I'll welcome more. I will think about some things. Time for a good sit down and talk with this blog, eh? I'm definitely in for a change. :D Thanks! You already inspired me!

  2. Personally I'm rather fond of your blog, but writerly adventures are always welcome anywhere, and if they help you feel more productive, then lay on, Macduff! Sorry. Shakespeare. Ehehehehe.

    1. Awww. Alrigh... Well, that gives me hope. ;) Haha... I love Shakespeare!