Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Once Upon a Time... linkup: Threats

It is that time of week. Time for the linkup!

I've been having troubles with my internet and getting time to post... Hopefully soon things will slow down and the internet will speed up. ;)

This week the prompt is: threats.

This snippet is from Night Will Fall, #2 in The Endless Fire Trilogy.

The setting:
a dark room
best friends spit

Word count: 157
Ó Pure Grace

Nestor let out a small sigh. “Then there is nothing more I can say to you Marcellus. You have had my answer.”
Marcellus clenched his fists. “And I do not need you. I was mistaken about your worth. I will find another, more suitable to my task, one who will carry out my goals. And you had better be careful about who you mention this to.”
“You would threaten me, Marcellus?”
“I would do worse if I thought you would dash my dreams.”
“I won’t.”
“You had better not. Farewell, then. I hope you do not regret your stubborn rejection to join me when I am in control of this Empire.”
“You will add me to your list of enemies?”
“Nay,” Marcellus barked shortly. “But you will not be my Seneca."
“I would not want to be. That is a precarious position."
“Goodbye, Nestor,” Marcellus snarled.
“Peace to you,” Nestor whispered as Marcellus stormed out the door.

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  1. Heh heh, I'm thinking Nestor made a smart decision there. Doesn't Marcellus know that anything too ambitious is ALWAYS bound to go wrong? ;)


    Okay. Calming, calming down... I know that has nothing to do with your excerpt (which was awesome, by the way), it's just whenever I see that name, I think of THG. I LIKE Marcellus, by the way. He has gumption. ;)

    PS You forgot to put the linky up there! I think, maybe, I'll be able to join in next time...

  3. Before I go on I shall have to take the time to shout, "NESTOR!!" Sorry, couldn't help it.

    I REALLY liked your snippet!! And now I want to read the before and after. Marcellus actually felt sinister, a kind of fellow I might wish to avoid. And yet something about him interests me. Very well done!