Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Double Secrets

Shhhhh.... You can't tell.

It's a secret.

*in very soft whisper*

I am linking up with Write on Edge this week instead of doing my Once Upon a Time... linkup. But you can't say anything. The blog might get offended if it actually thought too hard about the meaning of my betrayal. ;)

The prompt for Write at the Merge {their linkup} this week is: a secret.

My selection is coming from In the Shadow.

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The setting:
the morning
two slaves and a master
burning hatred
double secrets

Word count: 163
Ó Pure Grace

“You have learned our language?” he asked in Latin.
“I did.”
Marcellus nearly smiled at the rage housed in her voice.
Cleopas spoke, giving a low laugh. “You would not believe it, master! Brixia found that Ionez already knew how to speak most of your tongue! She has had to instruct her but little.”
Surprise blossomed inside him. So she had known Latin all along! “Why did you not say before that you knew Latin?”
“Why should I?” she snarled. “You did not tell me your father was Consul of Britannica!”
Marcellus was silent a moment. She did not move. “Very well,” he shrugged, “it is the past now. But it would have made our conversation easier.”
“For you,” Ionez spoke pointedly, her voice low.
“My sister has always longed for a fair slave from the legendary land of Britannica. Don’t disappoint her.”
“How could I?” Ionez asked sweetly.
Marcellus’s eyes went hard. “Tomorrow I introduce you to your mistress. Now be gone.”

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  1. I'M TELLING ON YOU!!! Aw, wait, maybe I'll keep it a...cough, cough...secret.

    Nice excerpt. Crafty Ionez. Actually...sarcastic Ionez! ;D

  2. This is a great beginning! Nice take on the prompt.

    1. Thank you! It is actually a selection from my WIP. :D

  3. This reminds me of a scene with Antonio Banderas in "The 13th Warrior." He finds himself among vikings, but he simply and quietly pays attention until he is able to figure out their language. They are quite surprised when they realize he understands them!

    1. Oh! I have never seen that! I sounds fascinating! I'll have to look into it!

  4. Oooooh . . . sneaky sneaky . . .

    I like the extract - secrets all round, woohoo! xD

  5. There's something very smart about sitting back and observing and learning when one is in the position of servitude. I wonder how she will be able to use her new knowledge.

    1. Oh, you will see, you will see... One day. ;)

  6. An ominous ending, for sure. Ionez may yet meet her match.

  7. Love the conflict here; could practically hear Ionez spitting those lines at him! She doesn't seem like she's going to go quietly, whatever happens next.

    1. Great! That really makes me happy! Thanks so much for commenting. :D

  8. Nice! My only concrit is that I don't believe Romans referred to their language then as Latin. Didn't that label came much later? I could be wrong, so don't quote me on it, but I believe it was called Etruscan then (I know written, it was based on the Etruscan alphabet), or Latium? Possibly even just Roman. The actual label Latin I think came from external cultures. Like we say Spanish and the native Spaniards say Espanol.

    I love how you introduced the scene. The story itself packed a ton of punch into a small word count - not an easy thing to do so a double salute to you! Well done!

    1. Thank you for the observation. Etruscan was much earlier {before the Emperors}, but I will check whether Latin WAS what they called it. Obviously, the world would have BEEN Latin. ;)

      Thanks! I appreciate it! Haha... ;)