Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Giveaway

Congratulations, Treskie!!! You were drawn to receive the little chest for my January/February/March giveaway!!!

If you could please leave your email in the comment box I will get your address and mail this out to you as soon as possible!!! :D
And now, for the next giveaway! Which I am very excited about!!! It is sooo pretty!!!
It is this WONDERFUL little notebook. The binding is made of faux leather, super soft and crafty. It is about six inches tall and four inches across. Very adorable and fits right into your hand.
Here are the usual rules!
1: must be a member of Stories in the Mind
2: loves to read!!! :)
3: comment on the blog in one post other than this one
4: tell me what your favorite book is and why! {if you have done this, feel free to skip it and I will add you in for the 4th tag anyway, just let me know you have completed it}
5: give me one reason why I should pick you. JK!! share the giveaway on your blog and send me the link

The giveaway is open internationally. If you have questions, just shoot me a comment below!!! :D
And thanks to all you regular entries! I look forward to seeing who will take home this awesome prize!!! :D



    So much exciting!!!! :D

    Mah email is peskytreskie@gmail.com

    Fank you so much. lol. :D

    1. Congratulations Treskie! :-D I love you email addy! :-D <3

    2. Haha! Great email! I'll shoot you some info asap! :D And you are very welcome!

    3. Hehe, thanks. :D My friend started calling me Pesky Treskie and it just stuck. I guess it suits me. lol.

  2. Well, that means I'm entered for 4 entries!!! This one looks really, really cool. ;) Notebooks! Who doesn't like a notebook?!

    On another note, have you ever conisdered using a rafflecopter for your giveaways? It makes things a bit easy to keep track of (we've done random choice both ways, and we found rafflecopter easier.) Either way. ;)

    1. Awesome, Mime! I know!!! Someone not cool. ;)

      I have, but I cannot find one that is free that will give me all the options I'd like... You know how I could get one? I'm up for all suggestions! :D

  3. :-)
    Love this giveaway! <3
    1. Done
    2. Done
    3. Done
    4. Done
    5. To be done eventually. :-)