Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why I started this blog


Writing is not something that just comes and goes.
You don't shrug about it, an offhanded smile pasted to your lips.
When you write.
You write.

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This blog is going to, hopefully, be an encouragement to my fellow writers.
It will be filled with my silly ideas.
Foolhardy dreams ~ which will come true, you just wait and see.
And hopefully a few suggestions that actually turn out useful.
It will contain the things I have learned in 7 years of studious writing.
A few scraps of my works-in-progress.
And I hope you can share knowledge and information and inspiration with me too.
We will have some laughs.
Cry some tears.
Agonize over characters, plotlines, storyboards, settings, worlds....
But most of all, we can learn together.
Teach each other.
And help one another become better authors.
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